About the Artist

marti handI am a painter and a registered nurse. My work explores the intersection between art, science, nature and states of health.

Although I am curious about many things, I am fascinated and inspired by science, nature, books, music, and skyscrapers.  That said, the creative process for my work usually begins with one of the following situations: a visual image persisting over time, an idea compelling me to act by researching the concept, a dream, a significant event or defining ‘ah-ha’ moment.  All of these states urge me to give them physical shape and color.

Painting is a love affair with color, alchemy, texture and fluidity, its boldness and subtleties, its ability to place one in a contemplative, sad or excited mood, and its infinite uses.

With a background in critical care nursing, healthcare management and clinical data analytics, scientific knowledge combined with extensive clinical experiences serve as a rich pool of imagery, creativity, and thought for my work.  My academic studies include an RN from Muhlenberg School of Nursing and MPA with a specialization in healthcare administration from Rutgers University.  I am a member of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International.

All work is original and available for purchase unless otherwise specified with an NFS (not for sale) notation.  For work that is already sold, high-quality prints (giclées) are available for purchase – contact for further details.